NLP Master PractitionerTM Course in India

Join Dr. Paras to move to the next level of NLP mastery. Dive deep into NLP Master Practitioner Training that combines multiple skills. Create new strategies for self and your client.

Expert Strategizer

Discover new ways to work on your life patterns. Initiate change in self and others with ease.

Trance State

Open the doors to learning by accessing the trance states with our NLP certification program.


Develop confidence, enthusiasm, and shift focus on feeling the way you desire to feel when you need to

Hypnosis Advance Inductions

Learn many hypnosis advance inductions to deepen your practice. Work with experts in the field.

Timeline Patterns

Learn how you internally represent time. NLP timeline patterns are useful to bring a change in a personality.

Space Predicates

Get trained to observe the tonal quality of voice, its volume as well as the predicates.

Time Predicates

Learn specific predicates people use to be able to grasp a person’s preferred representational system.


Install positive beliefs that drive you to goals. Know the fine art of dismissing negative self-limiting beliefs.

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Course Name International Price Discounted Price India Price Discounted Price Registration
NLP Practitioner
$ 1770
$ 1682
र 129210/
र 122786 /
NLP Master Practitioner
$ 2360
$ 2242
र 172280/
र 163666/
NLP Coach Certification
$ 1652
$ 1569
र 120596/
र 114537/
NLP Practitioner
+ NLP Master Practitioner
$ 4130
$ 3728
र 301490/
र 272144/
NLP Practitioner
+ NLP Master Practitioner
+ NLP Coach Certification
$ 5782
$ 5218
र 422086/
र 380914/

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