What does NLP do? Should I Join?

NLP enhances your thinking powers while developing great connections around you. NLP has many benefits as it improves self while understanding relations with others.

Join our NLP Practitioner Program if you -

  • Want to be in charge of your thoughts, moods
  • Be a strong communicator with a focus on actions and responses
  • Use NLP techniques for a satisfying life
  • Empower your family, friends
  • Add more skills to your current profession
  • Develop great tactics as an entrepreneur
  • Be an effective leader
  • Develop the right attitude for all challenges
  • Work with people to overcome their fears
  • Contribute to society in a highly rewarding career
  • And, if you are a coach, augment your business by providing high-value services

The NLP communication model devised by Dr. Paras and certified by the society of Neuro-linguistic programmingTM - Dr. Richard Bandler is included in his 3 power-packed programs. If you are looking to unlock your potential, join our NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner , and NLP Coach program

This program is suitable for students or professionals looking to change their career while beginning a coaching practice. Parents, and teachers also largely benefit with the NLP program. Therapists, people in leadership positions (managers), entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, professionals from the sales divisions, finance, marketing, communication departments, and homemakers from any field are most welcome to join our exciting program! What

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Course Name International Price Discounted Price India Price Discounted Price Registration
NLP Practitioner
$ 1770
$ 1682
र 129210/
र 122786 /
NLP Master Practitioner
$ 2360
$ 2242
र 172280/
र 163666/
NLP Coach Certification
$ 1652
$ 1569
र 120596/
र 114537/
NLP Practitioner
+ NLP Master Practitioner
$ 4130
$ 3728
र 301490/
र 272144/
NLP Practitioner
+ NLP Master Practitioner
+ NLP Coach Certification
$ 5782
$ 5218
र 422086/
र 380914/

Pay for 2 or 3 certification programs in one booking to enjoy great discounts!

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