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Matrrix is based in India. We charge in rupees as well as USD for the convenience of our international students. Please note that your card provider (in case of international students) may charge an additional amount for a foreign transaction fee. Kindly contact your card service provider before making the purchase.

Please allow a couple of minutes for the details in your inbox. Alternatively, please ensure your inbox is not full beyond capacity, and do check your spam folder. In case of a problem, please write to [email protected]

Please select the appropriate course from the Programs page. Choose the program and click on the Pay Now button. Details of your purchase will be emailed shortly.

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We are sorry. The Licensed NLP Practitioner programs cannot be recorded, distributed, shared on any platform. We cannot share any pre-recorded sessions with students due to privacy issues. We also do not record any session and prohibit students from doing so.

In the event of an incorrect purchase, kindly write to [email protected] Please mention the level selected, date of purchase, transaction details and the level you wish to adjust it for. We would try our best to rectify the issue. However, we do not guarantee refunds.

We are sorry! Payment once made will not be refunded. You can sign up for updates and stay tuned to our website to know the next schedule of the NLP Practitioner program.

We are based in India. We use PayPal ( for International payment gateway and PayYou for Domestic) payment gateway. You can use various options to make the payments.

We are sorry! Payments are strictly non-refundable. You can attend the next class in the next schedule published on our website for no extra charge.

Please select the course of your choice and proceed for payment using the payment options provided on the website. Your details will be emailed shortly. We are not responsible if you do not check the schedule as mentioned on the website.

We request you to confirm your availability before signing for our courses.

We are sorry! Payments once made are non-refundable. We do encourage you to complete the course as you will find it highly beneficial to transform yourself.

The society of Neuro-linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler, does not permit training via online platforms. This is a face-to-face program.

No. The society of Neuro-linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler, does not permit training via online platforms. This is a face-to-face program. Matrrix NLP Programs are currently being offered online due to the pandemic as the safety of our students is of utmost importance. Changes in any decision regarding face-to-face sessions will be emailed to the registered students. Those with the preference for online sessions may continue to learn through the online mode.

Licensed NLP PractitionerTM Certification Queries

The NLP Practitioner Certification programs are meant for people aspiring to be NLP Practitioners/Master Practitioners and NLP Coach. Dr. Paras, (an NLP Trainer authorized from the society of Neuro Linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler) himself conducts the course. The course is suitable for those who want to take the subject ahead as a career goal and inspire self and empower others in many areas of their lives.

The NLP Practitioner program is approved by the society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Dr. Richard Bandler. This is a certification body that governs the content of these courses.

Dr. Paras, Life Leadership Coach and NLP Trainer is conducting these sessions for a niche group of students only. So, hurry and enroll your name as the seats are filling up.

No. Our Licensed NLP Practitioner programs are not certifications to be used to set up a training institute. We do not encourage the same. However; you can contract separate mentoring sessions with Dr Paras. Please write to [email protected]

NLP is suitable for those who want to learn with an open mind and are curious about our mind functioning. Do refer to our NLP for you section for more details.

Yes, of course!

Anyone from the age of 18-78 years can join the course. There are no set criteria for joining.

Yes, we do have a test format that requires you to demonstrate your learning at each level of the course. For more information, please write to [email protected]

We are sorry! You would need to follow all the rules to ensure you receive the certification. In the event your assigned tasks are not completed, your guide, Dr. Paras reserves the right to decline your certification. You would need to attempt the course again.

Yes, of course. Matrrix offers confidential NLP programs. Your sessions will not be recorded and no student is allowed to record a video or audio of the same.

Details are mentioned in the Programs page. Kindly check the course page and also contact your guide to know the latest updates. Course details may be subject to change.

Each batch includes a minimum number of 10-12 students (maximum 20). Always ensure you book your seat in advance. Our seats are filling up fast.

At Matrrix, we endeavor to ensure the highest levels of NLP Certification programs. We offer certified programs that are on par with international standards and we are official certified by the society of neuro-linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler. We suggest you join the course only if you have a genuine interest in this field and the motivation to lead change.

Our NLP Practitioner Program are not meant to be used for teaching purposes. We do not grant a student a license to use this certification to teach students. You can begin a consultation practice with your clients.

Please sign up for our updates for latest information. Also, add our email ID [email protected] to your contact list to avoid our email from being directed to your spam box. You can also stay connected on our Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram pages.

No. Please read our NLP for You and Program details before joining the course. We offer you a licensed program to begin your NLP certification as a consultation service. You can begin your consultation or coaching service upon completion of NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coaching programs with us.

To join NLP Master Practitioner Program: You need to be a Practitioner from any reputed institute and need to have completed face-to-face sessions that range from a duration of minimum 70 hours or more. To join NLP Coach Certification Program: You need to be a Master Practitioner from any reputed institute and need to have completed face-to-face sessions that range from a duration of minimum 90 hours or more.

Account Queries

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General Queries

Please write to [email protected].

At present, we do not have any vacancies. However, please stay updated with our website and Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages for further details.

We are extremely proud to be accredited by the society of neuro-linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler. Dr. Paras is an authorized trainer from the society of Neuro-Linguistic programming - Dr Richard Bandler. Ours is the most authentic course among few others in India with a permission for Licensed certification programs.

Matrrix offer premium products in the areas of life, leadership coaching, mindfulness coaching and more. Established in 2015, Matrrix is firmly poised for expansion to be known as one of the leading names in this field. Do visit Matrrix website for details of our other exciting offers, blogs, podcasts, eBooks and more.

No, we request you to switch off your phone or keep it on a silent mode.

Videos, photographs, selfies are all prohibited during the program hours.