NLP CoachTM Certification in India

Join Dr. Paras to be an NLP Coach. The NLP Coaching Certification program extends for 2 days (Foundation) and Advance (3 days).

GROW Model

Learn the most popular coaching model of late Sir John Whitmore for problem-solving,decision-making, goal setting, and more.

Inner Game

Expand your thinking process to use the concepts of the Inner Game of Work by Timothy Gallwey. Attract success and contentment.

Executive Coaching

Learn how to coach people to make them gain higher self-awareness, work on objectives, goals, and reach their highest potential.

Team Coaching

Get the latest tools and techniques to shape professionals. Coach teams with ease using NLP techniques.

Meta Model

Get a deep understanding of the NLP Meta-Model. Work on the set of questions and use them successfully in your sessions.

Meta Programs

Work on NLP Meta-Programs that acts as the key to the way you process information. Understand yourself and your connection with others.


Experience the concepts of Mindfulness and execute them in daily life. Find peace and contentment despite your surroundings.


Learn NLP techniques and understand its practice and demonstration in the context of coaching.

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Course Name International Price Discounted Price India Price Discounted Price Registration
NLP Practitioner
$ 1770
$ 1682
र 129210/
र 122786 /
NLP Master Practitioner
$ 2360
$ 2242
र 172280/
र 163666/
NLP Coach Certification
$ 1652
$ 1569
र 120596/
र 114537/
NLP Practitioner
+ NLP Master Practitioner
$ 4130
$ 3728
र 301490/
र 272144/
NLP Practitioner
+ NLP Master Practitioner
+ NLP Coach Certification
$ 5782
$ 5218
र 422086/
र 380914/

Pay for 2 or 3 certification programs in one booking to enjoy great discounts!

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