Dr. Paras is an NLP Practitioner certified by the society of neuro-linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler. He has been practicing NLP for the last 10 years. He holds the 4 major certifications of NLP, with the most recent being completed in 2018-2019. Dr. Paras offers 3 programs aimed for professionals seeking to learn NLP at the highest level. Dr. Paras is also an ICF certified coach, Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Practitioner and has the vision to transform the lives of all using the power of NLP. His vision includes bringing the authentic teachings and learnings of NLP from the society of neuro-linguistic programming, Dr. Richard Bandler, John J. La Valle, and Kathleen S. La Valle to India. He aims to make this a cost-effective model while ensuring the teachings are spread in the most unique and authentic way without any distortion in content.

In his professional journey, Dr. Paras has bagged numerous awards that bear testimony of his ongoing work in the field of coaching, training, and mentoring. He has launched multiple programs for the corporate industry as well as those for individual development. NLP Practitioner programs are the latest in his bouquet of launches.

Dr. Paras has coached individuals and professionals (more than 4200 hours) in firms to transform the way they think. He primarily believes the mind is the most useful tool, and if we can work on our thinking, we can achieve the best in life.

NLP gives one the power to work on current thought patterns using the techniques as taught by Dr. Paras. The NLP Practitioner programs by Dr. Paras incorporate all the teachings and learnings from his sessions with Dr. Richard Bandler. This makes his NLP program the most sought after and an authentic one in India.

If you are planning to be an NLP Life Coach or a NLP Master Practitioner, do view our program outline. Our program includes every detail required to launch your NLP coaching career.

Dr. Paras

Dr. Paras is NLP Practitioner (London), Master Practitioner (London), NLP Trainer (USA) and NLP Coach (USA), from the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and co-creator of NLP - Dr. Richard Bandler and John J LaValle. He is focused on spreading the knowledge of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to empower people. He dreams of changing the lives of people using the tools and techniques of NLP, thereby making people live their dreams. Following the route of the founders of NLP, Dr. Paras offers programs for NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, and NLP Coach Certification program. Dr. Paras is also a Life Leadership Coach with numerous prestigious awards to his credit.

Dr. Paras has been formally trained by the Co-Founder of NLP and the President of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as Master Trainer - Dr. Richard Bandler.

John J. La Valle

John J. La Valle is a Master Trainer of NLP™ and the President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™. He manages the international system of Trainers, and co-trains with Dr. Richard Bandler.

Kathleen S. La Valle

Kathleen S. La Valle is a Master Trainer of NLP™ and DHE® and has been conducting training and development seminars for 25+ years.

Richard Bandler

He is the co-developer of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and is known the world over for his life-changing NLP training seminars and workshops. He continues to evolve his work in NLP.